After party: Core

A good product manager not just knows but also tests and uses his products. I’ve been using Soul for a while and I felt its beneficial effects as well when Core was launched. I was curious what is this new seed based product good for and then I read it cleanses the liver and the stomach on top of that it removes the heavy metals. As I’m not working with heavy metals I can’t test this feature of the product, but the liver protection seemed to be interesting for me. 
My first thought: liver damage=alcohol consumption 
I like the good wines especially in a good company. Unfortunately my body is rather sensitive even after a few glasses of wine and really bad hangover follows the next day. I started the testing on a wine tasting day in the summer. I drank a packet of Core before I went to bed and I was very curious how hard will be my hangover the next day. I was very surprised because the product worked very well and I managed to avoid the feeling of hangover and probably my liver was smiling too.:) Since then I have been applying this technique and I never leave the Core at home whenever I go out. 
If you would like to try it you can get further information here!

What are the 13 qualities you need to look for when joining a Network Marketing Company 

1. A company that has more than one owner
2. A management without a history of legal issues

3. A management that has diverse and successful background

4. A company that is focused on products (not the opportunity)

5. A company that has proprietary and patented products

6. A company that has high retail sales (it means high quality products)

7. A company that offers no signing bonuses (signing bonuses generally indicate poor quality products)

8. A company with clean corporate records

9. A company that does business in several countries

10. A company that has fair and generous compensation plan

11. A company that has proper growth capital

12. A company that is a category creator

13. A company with perfect timing (not too early and not too late)
I have found the right company that has all these 13 qualities!

Why do you need to join a category creator company?

There is no competition, period.

The products cannot be bought elsewhere so as a distributor you are in a monopoly position.
If a company is a category creator it means it is relatively new therefore you have much better chances to be a future millionaire than at an older company that is already known by everyone.
You can easily find a market niche with category creator products and so you can create additional revenues with retail selling apart from the network incomes.
When competition turns up in the future you can still promote your company being the original one.
Do you want to find a category creator company? You have just found one!

The first gulp of coffee

My girlfriend drinks quite a lot of coffee – not just because of its taste but also for its effect – therefore I was really happy when Rain launched its ‘healthy coffee’. I gave her a box of Rain coffee for Christmas. What was her reaction? First eyes wide open wondering what can be in the boxes? 30 pieces of bio coffee. Instant coffee but not known by her. It wasn’t surprising that she made her first cup of coffee with a little bit of skepticism. Then she realized this is a real speciality because it is made with a special process and it is drenched with 4 types of seed oils: pomegranade, grapefruit, black cumin seed and grape seed. The first gulp is black without any cream,milk or sugar, then with some sugar and cream as she likes: big smile and ‘word peace’ feeling on her face:) ‘This is really delicious’ she said-and didn’t leave any for me. My Christmas present was successful. But not just for her: we gave away this special coffee to our friends and relatives as well. It is special and healthy. If you would like to try it or surprise your coffee-loving friends you can order it here!
I’m looking forward to your feedback!

How can I help you to achieve success at Rain?

There is an exact step by step system to build your own business at Rain. I can help you to achieve your financial dreams if you follow the given method. There are regular webinars and open lectures, the company gives you all the necessary resources.

Your results will exclusively depend on you and only you!
Do you like challenges?
Would you like to find out how far you can go with Rain?

Don’t miss the chance to achieve your dreams! Take action today!

Why is the compensation plan so special?

The compensation plan of the Rain company is absolutely brilliant! Unlike at a classical mlm company here you can create a huge business with only 2 legs. This is the binary system. You need to find 2 people on the front and teach them to do the same and so on. In an optimal case it can mean 2048 people in a year if everyone registers 2 people a month. It’s not that hard isn’t it? 

There are 7 ways to earn commissions because the company gives back 50% of its revenues to the distributors. There is nothing to lose but lot to gain, why not give it a try?

What is so special about Rain products?

It turned out that the seeds contain 20-50x more nutrients than the flesh. Rain is the first seed based nutrition company and the results with its products are second to none. 

For example if you drink one Soul you get as much antioxidants as you would get from 4.5 kg of bio vegetables. You can wash out the toxic fat and oil from your body and thus you can eliminate the inflammations from your organization. 
With Core you can rehabilitate your liver and digestive system as well. It can reduce hangover too:) 
With Form you can increase your muscles in a natural way and it can help losing weight as well.
With a Rain Fused coffee you can enjoy this drink without any side effects but with a lots of benefits. 
With Revri you can recover your skin with the power of the seeds.
Dou you want to experience the power of seeds? Click here!